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[08 Jul 2009|10:28pm]
These days, I'm thinking I'd really like to marry a farmer. I've been thinking that for a couple months now.

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[03 Jun 2009|05:17pm]
God is so gracious. There is a sun shower outside my window and all I can see is green.

On the road last weekend I was inspired to consider new adventures. I am still relatively un-tied-down. I am not married nor do I own a house nor do I have car or student loan payments nor do I have a long-term job that I am buckled into. When I got pregnant I thought that would mean the end of grand adventures for awhile, but Maggie is now so portable that the only thing tying me down is keeping her around her dad an acceptable amount of time.

So I'm thinking of Mexico again. I need to stay brushed up on Spanish and am too lazy to do so by studying nights on my own. I would love to be immersed. I would also love more cross-cultural experience. I'm looking into teaching English somewhere, possibly returning to Villahermosa, in southern Mexico, where I spent a month during a YWAM outreach. Southern Mexico is so so beautiful, and Villahermosa seems to have quite a decent university, from what the website looks like.

It is somewhat of a scary thought to consider doing something like this on my own, but over the past year I have grown to have so much more confidence in myself and my ability to do things while relying on God, not having codependent relationships, and I think this is just a step further.

Maybe after this lease is up, next spring/summer.
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Things I am learning from Lent [10 Mar 2009|12:53am]
If I question whether I should do (or eat) something, I probably shouldn't.
Habits are breakable.
It only gets easier from here.
My body re-learns what it needs to be healthy.

This has been a neat couple weeks so far.
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[25 Feb 2009|12:16am]
This will be the first time I'm celebrating Lent. I'll be abstaining from desserts. It'll be a good experience, healthy body and spirit.

Today I went to IHOP for free pancake day. I ordered a side and someone gave the waiter money to give to me and Colleen. I don't know why or who it was, but that made me happy.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing for a job of being a Music/Art Teacher for kids age 6 months - 5 years. So. Awesome. I will be singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as my audition.

I have a stress headache from being so freaked out today, but I expect tomorrow to be better. Dancing hardcore & praying, instead of trying to ignore my stress by watching tv, were good choices. Now eating a quesadilla will be an excellent choice. I need to remember to add the taco seasoning to it! Taystee.
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Also [03 Feb 2009|12:45am]
Here are links to the poet who is teaching this Visiting Artist Seminar that I am attending this week. Not only is she an excellent writer, but she is also a great teacher. I never thought I'd ever ever EVER want to write poetry, or even read it, but she has gotten me excited about both.

I like Beth Ann Fennelly quite a bit. And because I "won" a quiz in today's session, I got an autographed copy of a limited edition print of one of her poems. It is so amazing.



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[02 Feb 2009|09:51pm]
I'm about to write a poem about Paris Hilton. I will post a rough draft later tonight when I'm done. I am so excited about this assignment.
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[31 Jan 2009|06:36pm]
I am just going to go with the flow, start out slow. Do what I need to. Get a job, any job, and keep looking and praying for the right opportunity. Keep my eyes open and my heart filled with joy.

Life is so beautiful and exciting. I have enjoyed the last six months so immensely. They have been difficult, joyful, terrifying, stressful, challenging, and full of growth.
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[29 Jan 2009|09:54pm]
I can't wait til I get my stitches out next week and feel okay with going back to the Y to work out.
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[23 Jan 2009|01:35am]
I am so thankful for my beautiful girl friends. I love love love spending quality time woman-to-woman. I love the security and joy in that. I love the intimacy and safety and acceptance. God is so good to provide this, to provide these women to walk alongside me down this road.

How cheesy does that sound? Who cares, it's true!
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hairs cut [22 Jan 2009|03:32pm]
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[18 Jan 2009|09:22pm]
Know this: God, our Father, is so good. It is fresh in my heart every day lately.
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[12 Jan 2009|02:57pm]

I'd really like to buy a bunch of old skeleton keys and hang them on a wall.
I'd also really like an old house to live in, one with character. One that I own.
These things will take time, though.

I love my church. I love that there is such a focus on being socially aware. I want to learn more about my home city and the people in it and how to glorify God in Nashville through social activism. Tomorrow I need to go vote NO on #1, a proposition that would require all gov't information to be available only in English. Nashville has such a diverse population with immigrants and refugees from all over and it would be a shame to exclude them from gov't proceedings just because they may not speak English well or at all.

Drinking needs to stop. I drank on New Year's with my siblings on the cruise and got a little crazy. Looking back on it it was funny, but I don't want to do that again. So I made a decision to not drink in public or in situations with boys, at all. But then last night I thought I could drink during girl time with Hannah and Sarah Emily. It was fun until they went home, then I talked to Matt and said things I shouldn't have and felt terrible and sad. So, no more drinking, even in situations that I think would be "safe." This is a big girl decision. Now I just need to give away the cute corkscrew and stopper that I just bought from Target that has a heart on top.
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spaghettio [09 Jan 2009|11:27pm]
So while I was gone, Maggie learned how to say "uh oh." She has been using this phrase CONSTANTLY this week, to the point where it is no longer that cute and is starting to get annoying (but not seriously annoying, really a baby as cute as she is can't be seriously annoying). This phrase is also an excuse for her to throw something on the ground and say "uh oh! uh oh!" while pointing to it until I pick it up. That has gotten old rather quickly, so I've been trying to curb her habit of "uh oh" by attempting to replace it with "oops!" which I can tolerate much better.

Tonight she has been waking up on and off and crying/groaning in her crib. Usually I don't respond, because she is usually just lying down and making noise half-awake, but she did it for awhile so I went in and laid on the bed with her lying next to me. It was so sweet, we were lying on our sides facing each other, she looked sleepily up at me a few times and then closed her eyes and started breathing heavily. I was just thinking about how amazing Maggie is, when she suddenly said, "Uh oh!" in her sleep. I could NOT STOP LAUGHING. I tried to be quiet but I was shaking. It was so so funny. I am so glad to have my daughter.
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[07 Jan 2009|07:42pm]
Whew, I am so overwhelmed with everything there is to do in the next couple months. I really need to find a full-time job and I have no idea where to start. I don't even know how to put together a decent resume! Goodness.

I love cuddling with my cats and playing with Maggie. She has changed so much just in the week and a half I was gone. She just gets more fun every day. I love that she sings now and mimics just about everything.
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[24 Dec 2008|12:13am]
The purpose is love.
There are shades of grey.
Subjectivity is not evil.

I love the Lord and He loves me.

Also, Cuddy and House are so freaking hot.
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To-do/to-learn list, or something [21 Dec 2008|04:15pm]
Learning the city bus routes
Getting a full-time job by the end of February
Getting paid to donate plasma
Freelance writing online
Volunteering weekly at the library
Weekend babysitting jobs
Welfare info & applications
Formal child support
Gentrification with justice
Workout 2-3x/week
More cooking

I love that God created this world with so much for us to learn!! And so much for us to look forward to! There is so much, but we don't have to be overwhelmed because we have FOREVER to learn and delight in the freshness of the Lord and what He has made.
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[21 Dec 2008|12:44am]
Gentrification with Justice:


So vital, if you plan on living in a city and buying a house in the future. Gentrification is a huge issue in Nashville, specifically East Nashville, and I want to learn more about it.
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please, accept me [20 Dec 2008|10:07pm]
I am job hunting like crazy online. I stumbled across some postings for editing jobs and got SO excited at the thought of doing something like that. Now that I think about it, I would love to do something involving writing - just not creative writing. If you give me something to write about, particularly something I find interesting or am passionate about, I can write something kick-ass.

So, I am carefully putting together a resume for these two editing jobs, with the help of my dad who is oh so experienced in being professional. I am also sloppily putting together jobs that I could do but wouldn't love.

Also looking at freelance / part-time writing jobs on Craigslist. There are quite a few I think I could do, so I emailed people... probably should have emailed a resume with my initial email, but oh well. Next times.
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I got tipsy at the church Christmas party [16 Dec 2008|09:29pm]
I love my church. It feels like home. Nashville feels like home. I love that I finally, consistently, contentedly feel this way - not just hoping "Maybe, one day, Nashville will be my home." No, it is home NOW. God is so good to provide this. I never thought I'd be anything other than nomadic. I've never lived anywhere longer than 4 years and since I graduated high school 5 1/2 years ago, I've moved 10+ times to 8 different cities/towns. Now it is time to settle down and get comfortable. God is so so so so good.
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[15 Dec 2008|12:22am]
The Pioneer Woman (www.thepioneerwoman.com) really and truly makes me want to wait for the man who bowls me over and makes me happy to be alive and in his presence. I am going to hold out for that. I know it is possible!

I love when my kitten cat licks my arm, then nuzzles her face in my elbow despite my erratic typing. She is such a cuddlebuttons. And she was awesome and let me clip her front nails awhile ago with not a word of protest. What a good little cat (she's actually kind of fat).
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